About Therapy

​As the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi is often quoted, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." I will do everything possible to help you find the courage to do the difficult thing, to take that first step and more importantly, continue the journey.

From a lifetime of experience, I know that relationship is key. For therapy to work there needs to be a solid relationship between us. You have to be able to trust me, and I work to earn that trust.

When you come to my office, you can plan on a full hour session in a space that has been carefully thought out and designed to provide you with safety and confidentiality. You can talk about anything - and I mean anything - without fear of being criticized, judged or dismissed. 

I specialize in using Solution Focused Brief Terapy to work with grief and loss, which are often accompanied by anxiety and depression. I have lots of experience with these issues and can help you sort through the effects grief, loss, anxiety, and depression are having on your life and on your relationships. 

Let's start your journey today!

Gail M. Castle, LMHC / LCPC
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