There are times when sending our kids off to school can feel like falling into the deep end of the pool before you really know how to swim. This is true especially when your child is struggling, and you are frustrated. It can be downright scary!
It's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused under these circumstances, especially when the folks at school are speaking what seems to be a foreign language. I understand that because I've been there. When they start speaking what I call "educationese," it's easy to get completely lost.
In those instances it’s reassuring to know you've got someone in your corner. It’s reassuring to know you've got someone who can help you understand the "educationese," and who can help you protect the rights and interests of your child.
If your child is struggling or in a tough situation at school, it's okay to ask for help. In fact, it's a very reasonable thing to do.  Choose me as the person to work on behalf of you and your child, supporting you in those tough times, and this is what I offer - 40+ years of experience in public schools and the proven ability to achieve positive outcomes!​

Steven D. Castle, M.Ed.
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